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 Frugal Sewing Basics

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Frugal Sewing Basics   Thu May 01, 2014 12:22 am

It's time to turn your sewing basics back into the frugal activity that it was meant to be. Sewing is an activity that seems frugal enough, but as many hobbyists know, it can quickly turn into a very expensive pastime. To understand why, just think of all the women you know who are addicted to sewing shops-the women who simply can't pass up a sale on fabric or other sewing notions.
Frugal Sewing Rule #1: Use what you have.
Resist the urge to head to the store every time you need a supply for a project you're working on. Instead, challenge yourself to find something useable from your existing supplies. Sure, you may not come up with that "just right" supply, but the savings will be worth it. Plus you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're making a dent in your sewing stash.
Frugal Sewing Rule #2: Recycle supplies.
There's no rule that says you have to work with all-new materials. Adopt a Depression-era attitude and find creative uses for materials that you already have. This could mean saving buttons off of an old shirt before throwing it away or reusing the denim from a worn pair of jeans. Think twice before you throw clothing away, and you're likely to find lots of usable material.
Frugal Sewing Rule #3: Barter for what you need.
Okay, let's say you've dug through your sewing stash and don't have anything that you can recycle-do you then head to the sewing shop? Not yet. Instead, call up a sewing buddy and tell her what you're looking for. Chances are she'll have what you need and be willing to barter for it. Just find out what supply she's after, and get that trade in the works.
Frugal Sewing Rule #4: Shop second-hand
Do you think you're the only person who buys too many sewing supplies? Not a chance. Women have been overbuying for years. Take advantage of this overabundance by shopping at yard sales and flea markets. Sewing junkies are often eager to unload their excess fabric, patterns and other supplies. You'll have to spend money to get the supplies you need, but at least you won't be paying retail.
Follow these four simple rules, and you'll enjoy countless hours of frugal sewing fun.
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Frugal Sewing Basics
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