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 Knitting Supplies

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PostSubject: Knitting Supplies   Wed May 14, 2014 12:19 am

Creating the perfect knitting stash requires some planning and forethought. Though there are basic knitting accessories that can enhance any bag of knitting supplies, there are also those that everyone should have to complete a knitting project with ease.
Knitting Needles
Though it seems obvious, knitting needles are an essential requirement for any knitting stash. Circular needles, straight needles or double-pointed needles are all options, depending on the project at hand and your own personal preference. Many companies manufacture double-pointed knitting needle sets, complete with needles in each size. Interchangeable circular knitting needle sets are also available. These options are less expensive in the long run, but involve an upfront investment. If the price of needle kits seems too extravagant for you, you can always choose to purchase a new needle when you encounter a new size needed for a project.
Knitting Yarn
A knitting stash filled with beautiful wool is a necessity for knitters. This variety will allow a knitter to look at their yarn and select the project they want to work on based on what they have in front of them. Other knitters select wool for the project at hand, visiting a local craft or art shop, specialized yarn or fabric store or ordering online when they need yarn.
Scissors are necessary for any hand-knit project. Though it may seem simple to run to the kitchen or the kid's arts and crafts basket when you need a pair, it's much easier to keep a pair of designated knitting scissors with other knitting supplies. It saves time and frustration during the hunt for the scissors when you really need them.
Darning Needles
There will always be leftover yarn. As a result, darning needles are an essential knitting supply. Purchase a pack of varying sizes, so you'll have what you need.
Stitch Markers
Markers allow knitters to keep their place in a pattern with ease, keep track of how many stitches are on the needles or find a stitch (often the center stitch) at a glance. While stitch markers can be quite intricate, including beads and ceramic crafts, it's also possible to purchase large sets of plastic rings to use as stitch markers. If you want to create your own, use paper clips or safety pins.
Knitting Bag
A solid knitting bag is something a serious knitter should own. Depending on the type of projects you are working on and personal preference, this can range from a small sack that is big enough to hold a sock, yarn and needles, or a bag large enough for multiple projects and the rest of your knitting notions and knitting supplies. A knitting bag allows knitters to keep their items in one place so that they can be found quickly. Jordana Paige, Namaste and della Q are all recognized for their sturdy and knitting-friendly knitting bags.
Ball Winder and Swift
Ball winders and swifts make it easy to wind yarn into yarn "cakes" from a skein or hank. However, many knitters are content to use their hands and knees and wind their yarn into balls the old-fashioned way. While this isn't a necessary knitting supply, many find it handy when knitting larger projects involving multiple skeins of yarn.
The Internet has a wealth of knitting patterns. However, it's always a good idea to keep a few patterns on hand as part of your knitting supply kit. A basic hat pattern, sock pattern or mitten pattern can be the jumping point for modifications and more advanced projects. Keeping a few patterns within easy reach means you can simply grab your knitting bag and go in a moment's notice.
Gathering the appropriate knitting supplies and keeping them together will make knitting much more relaxing and enjoyable. Rather than spend time hunting for scissors and stitch markers, keep everything in one, organized place and the time can be spent with a row of stitches instead.
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Knitting Supplies
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