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 Unique Earring Designs

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Unique Earring Designs   Sat May 24, 2014 12:39 am

Part of the fun of making handmade beaded earrings is the variety of styles you can make with using different earring designs. Because of the endless options in bead patterns, your handmade earrings will truly be one of a kind. Get familiar with the different earring designs and create earrings that suit every face and outfit.
Drop earrings
Drop earrings are usually one long strand of beads that drop down from a single point. Drop earrings can be as short as one or two beads up to several inches long. They are generally made up of one long head pin or several eye pins hooked together.
Teardrop earrings
These earrings use bead wire to start and end at the same point, creating the shape of a tear drop. Jewelers will also need to use crimping beads with this earring design-they seal up the ends of the wire. String beads along the bead wire to create a delicate and dangly look.
Chandelier earrings
Chandelier earrings get their name after true chandeliers-with multiple crystals and beadwork hanging from several different points. Chandelier earrings use a chandelier finding, generally triangle shaped, with one connection at the top and anywhere from three to eight connections at the bottom, where more strings of beads can connect. Chandelier earrings are dramatic and intricate, creating a challenge well worth the result.
Wire wrapped earrings
These unique earrings use gold or silver jeweler's wire to encase beads inside a swirl of wire. The wire requires careful bending and shaping so the beads rest securely inside. Think of these as drop earrings with a twist.
Stitch bead earrings
This kind of beading is more like what is seen in Native American jewelry, with several colors of seed beads stitched together to form a pattern, Using small beading needles and strong beading thread, you can create tapestry-like designs that make a dramatic statement.
Stud earrings
These are simple adornments mounted on a blank post. From small gems to large filigree designs, anything goes on these simple posts to make an attractive and versatile pair of earrings.
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Unique Earring Designs
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