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 Knitting: How to Cast on

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Knitting: How to Cast on   Thu May 29, 2014 6:23 am

The Needles
For someone who is new to the art of knitting, it is best begin with a size 10 or 10 needle. This average size needle is easier to work with, because it produces stitches that are neither too large nor too small for the hands of a beginner knitter. Knitting needles can be purchased at sewing or craft store, Wal-Mart, and other stores that may carry hobby and crafting products.
The Yarn
For your first knitting project begin with a simple style of yarn. A simple yarn would be a solid color, medium sized, and worsted. The size of yarn and whether or not it is worsted can be found on the label around each skein of yarn. It is important to keep the yarn simple, because your main focus is to learn the motions and steps to knitting. Try the Red Hear Super Saver brand of yarn. Each skein contains step by step instructions to knitting various knitting projects such as scarves, gloves, hats and ponchos.
Casting On
For almost every skein, the beginning of the thread can be found to the right of the yarn label. Casting on is the process of casting stitches onto your knitting needles. Begin by knotting the yarn and creating a loop approximately two feet from the beginning of your yarn thread.
Sept One: Slip the yarn onto your knitting needle. The piece of yarn that is not connected to the remaining yarn is called the tail end. You will be casting the tail end of the yarn onto the knitting needle.
Step 2: This is where the process becomes tricky. Holding the knitting needle in your right hand, horizontal to the floor, allow both ends of the yarn to hang from the needle. With your left hand press together your pointer finger and thumb.
Step 3: Pressed together, place them between both strands of yarn just under the knot. Holding this position, clasp both strands of yarn with you ring and pink finger. With your right hand, your thumb and index finger should still be between the two strands of yarn with your ring and pinky finger clasping both strands of yarn holding them together.
Step 4: Now spread your index finger and thumb to a span of about three inches. Holding this position, move the placement of knitting needle with your right hand so that it is not vertical and parallel to your left hand. We can now begin the casting on process.
Step 5: The loop around the knitting needle should be approximately two inches from the tip of the needle. Begin casting on the first stitch by taking the tip of the knitting needle under and through the loop around your thumb from the outside in. Proceed by grabbing the strand around the left side of your index finger and pull it through the two strands around your thumb. The loop should then slip off of your thumb, and tighten against the knitting needle. Be careful not to cast the stitches on too tightly, because they will be more difficult to work with when knitting. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have casted on your desired number of stitches. The number of stitches casted on will determine the width of the scarf.
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Knitting: How to Cast on
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